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Foundation Services for Sugar Land and Houston, Texas

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High Quality. Affordable. Trusted.

For over 28 years, Bonilla Foundation Repair has been serving Sugar Land’s homeowners and businesses. Customers love our reliable foundation repair work and our lifetime warranties. We not only provide repairs, but we also specialize in slab troubleshooting, pier and beam installation, house leveling and much more. The products we use are all fully approved by the Federal Housing Administration and all applicable city codes.

Recognizing the Signs Showing You Need Foundation Work

No matter how old your home or structure is, foundation issues can develop at any time. That’s why it is important for you to recognize the signs when they first appear. Here are a few easy-to-notice clues that it may be time for a professional inspection or repair:
  • Doors or windows won’t open or close correctly
  • Fissures are visible between caulking and windows
  • Cracks are appearing in your walls
  • Wallpaper is wrinkling
  • Gaps are forming between molding and ceiling
  • Ground is sinking or settling near your structure
  • Patios or concrete features are settling away from your structure
  • Nails are lifting out of the beams
  • Mortar joints are sloping on your brick walls or chimney
  • Floors are visibly uneven
  • Large trees and roots are near your structure
  • Water is constantly pooling near your structure
  • Basement or other walls are leaning or buckling
  • Other neighbors on the street have foundation issues

Do You Notice an Issue?

Spotting these common indicators can save you money. Recognizing these signs allow you to avoid bigger problems that require even more expensive foundation work. If your home or structure in Sugar Land is experiencing any of these issues, call Bonilla Foundation Repair for a hassle-free inspection service. Repairing your foundation today will save you a big headache in the future.

See What Our Customers Say About Us

“Great company – honest, well-run, and professional. They did a great job leveling out the pier and beam foundation on our 1920 home. It was clear from the start that Mr. Bonilla is an expert. When it became clear a new beam was needed to provide more support for the structure, it was a quick add and the work was still done in two days. I would definitely recommend hiring Bonilla Foundation!” – Brian S.